Arc 1 Chapter 5: The Movie Queen’s Fortune, Part 2

TL: ZhenZhen

ED: Arya

PR: Qian

QC: ZhenZhen

    Jian Yixin waved her hand and said, “It’s really not necessary.”

    “Everyone has it.” Ye Zixuan’s tone was a little soft, as if acting like a baby.

    Jian Yixin glanced at Shen Yu. Behind Ye Zixuan, Shen Yu’s face turned black.

    The corners of Jian Yixin’s lips curled. Just as she was about to say something, a casual call sounded from behind:

    “Song Pianzhen.” Jian Yixin looked back.

    Lin Qinglu leaned on her sapphire blue sofa and pointed to the pastry beside her: “Can you eat it?”

    It doesn’t matter whether you could drink or not, but in front of the heroine and the male lead, you had to give them an SSS-level face.

    The distance was too far, Jian Yixin did not reply loudly, but nodded and said to Ye Zixuan, “I’m going to Ms. Lin, you guys talk.”

    Ye Zixuan watched Song Pianzhen walk away before sitting back next to Shen Yu.

    She clasped her hands, bowed her head in despair, and whispered, “Look, A-Yu, it’s obviously something I bought. She doesn’t want to accept it.”

    Shen Yu: “….”

    This was the first time he saw his little flower frustrated. His first reaction was not distress, but rather to ask from the bottom of his heart——

    Why are you so concerned about that woman Song Pianzhen? 

    What could Shen Yu say?

    In the end, his loving mind as a male lead overwhelmed everything.

    When Ye Zixuan was outshone by Lin Qinglu for a day, she became agitated. Shen Yu looked at Ye Zixuan’s profile and said:

    “Zixuan, every time I see you in such pain, I always think, if there is no Song Pianzhen in the entertainment circle, it will be fine.”

    Shen Yu’s words meant something, and Ye Zixuan’s eyes flashed.

    She paused and raised her head with a gentle expression:

    “A-Yu, don’t say such things. Although I am really uncomfortable…” She smiled reluctantly, weakly, “It’s okay, I will just press on.”

    “You are really kind.” Shen Yu’s eyes were deep, gazing at the girl he vowed to protect while the thought of backing out which had retreated a bit, quietly ignited again.

    For Zixuan, and also for myself.

    Thinking like this, he looked at Lin Qinglu in the distance, vaguely and indifferently.

    Lin Qinglu was in a good mood now.

    As soon as she beckoned, Song Pianzhen came over, a very good-looking Yazi.

    At this moment, she seemed to have forgotten that she was a Movie Queen, a woman standing at the top of the crew’s food chain. How could a little fellow dare not listen to her.

    When Song Pianzhen came over, she pointed to the pastry: “Here, eat it.”

    Jian Yixin was a little embarrassed, she didn’t like sweets very much.

    And no matter whether it came from one’s own soul or the cultivation of the original body, there was no habit of eating at will on such occasions.

    But the current situation was hard to resist. Jian Yixin glanced and found that everyone except Lin Qinglu had food and drink. She immediately said:

    “Ms. Lin didn’t eat it?”

    Lin Qinglu was taken aback: “Didn’t eat.”

    The magazine hasn’t been shot yet, so how dare she eat sweets, if she turns around and gets a little fat, Luo Chun would scold her for three days and three nights.

    Jian Yixin smiled and said, “Then I will accompany Ms. Lin.”

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