Arc 1 Chapter 2: Aloof Top Student, Part 1

TL: Qian

ED: Eruditellyryc

PR: Qian

QC: ZhenZhen

The girl is exquisite and flawless, white tender skin is silky, smooth, and delicate like milk. Kissing it, the taste must also be very good. 

Mu Qing-Xue swallowed the lump in her throat and, bending down, blocked most of the sunlight for You-You, but at the same time, her hand also kept caressing You-You’s face in an addicted manner.  

You-You didn’t dislike her cold touch.

 Because Mu Qing-Xue’s expression is calm and collected,  it seemed like this behavior was common among classmates.

It’s just that, why isn’t she helping her up yet? “Mu Qing-Xue?”

“Call me Qing-Xue”

 The cold voice caused You-You to become inexplicably weak. Looking at Mu Qing-Xue’s cool temperament, she gradually compromised.

 “Qing…Qing-Xue, can you please help me up?”

If she lies here any longer, she might burn to a crisp.

Mu Qing-Xue: “….”

Her heart sank suddenly, and Mu Qing-Xue narrowed her eyes, a little displeased. 

Because of the girl’s alienation. 

But she did not show it.

Looking at the girl’s white school uniform that was gradually soaked in sweat, Mu Qing-Xue faintly responded.

 She put down the textbooks and Mathematical Olympiad book in her hand, and did not support her as suggested by You-You, but directly picked her up in a princess-carry.


You-You, who has never been so intimately held by a girl, opened her mouth slightly in surprise. She wrapped her arms around Mu Qing-Xue’s neck, for fear that she would fall—after all, this body’s physical strength is limited. Yes, You-You thought about her strength and her weight, and immediately hugged Mu Qing-Xue tighter.

Her whole person stuck to Mu Qing-Xue like brown sugar.

It’s too tight, a little strangled… Breathing a little bit, Mu Qing-Xue’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed, and she looked down at the girl who couldn’t open her eyes and was so nervous that her whole body began to stiffen; she was  secretly amused.

    Really, am I so untrustworthy?

    “Relax, you won’t fall.”

I don’t believe it, she seems to be as weak as I am, the physique as Bai Qu had said, but of course, her IQ is much higher than mine, a delinquent.

Even though she was complaining in her heart, You-You still secretly opened her eyes.

This cute and miserable look made Mu Qing-Xue’s lips curl up.

Although the curvature of lips is very little and shallow, still lets her whole temperament undergo an amazing change. 

As if the ice and snow melted, Mu Qing-Xue’s real hidden emotions under the thick layer of ice began to show. You-You was ignorant of this. Seeing Mu Qing-Xue walking so steadily, no weight-bearing look at all, she lightly breathed a sigh of relief and began to relax.

“Hey, classmate Qing-Xue, your body smells good! What brand of perfume is it?  I want to buy it and spray it on my body.”

 It was a light scent with a little sour and sweet fruit fragrance. Very much like her favorite pineapple one; smelling very comfortable, especially with the heat.

 You-You leaned close to Mu Qing-Xue’s neck again and sniffed to confirm what it was.

 “It’s just ordinary floral water. It’s refreshing and acts as a bug-repellant in summer, not an expensive perfume.”

The sensitive body was trembling because of the girl’s approach, but at the same time, the heart that was beating so fast was suddenly calmed by the girl’s words.

    The two of them, one is stubborn and powerful, and the other is a precious and exquisite delicate flower. The two are very different, but now she really wants to make this delicate flower hers forever. 

    And to achieve this goal, she has to figure it out slowly.

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